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    How to Start an International School in India (2023)?


    An international school is one that provides education in line with the western education system. Their academics and infrastructure are similar to the teaching and learning methods in other countries. This shift is not limited to pedagogy alone. The syllabus too is different for those who study in these schools.

    These schools in India either provide only an international curriculum or a mix of it with Indian curricula like ICSE, CBSE and IGCSE, which is closer to the curricula offered in the UK.

    These courses are normally offered in multiple languages and with a global perspective.

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    How to start an international school?

    Choose a Pre-primary, Middle or High School

    Among the initial decisions, the crucial one is to decide whether your school will cater to primary, middle or high school students. Many related decisions like the area in which the school will be located and the amount of money you will need will depend on this decision.

    Be a Trust, Society, Section 8 company or Franchise

    You must register your institution either as Trust, Society, Section 8 company or Franchise. First, you must know how each group functions, the prerequisites and the rules that each group must abide by. This information will help you decide the type of school you want to establish.

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    Explore land acquisition procedure

    The procedure to acquire land for a school requires you to fulfil certain conditions and acquire permission from the government of the state where the school shall be established. The rules for establishing a school differ from state to state. Besides this, the area allotted to different types of schools is different.

    Sketch out a building plan

    A building plan is an important step in this process. The plan must include every detail of the school along with the facilities you plan to provide in your school. Allocate enough space required for all essential facilities.

    Define your school’s vision, mission and values

    Prepare your school’s vision, mission and values to suit the needs of learners of an international curriculum. Set goals to impart global knowledge and encourage an inclusive culture in students. Ensure that they help the school grow from strength to strength.

    Discover the procedure for recognition and affiliation

    The procedure for recognition and affiliation requires you to secure the following documents:

    • No Objection Certificate
    • Recognition Certificate
    • Registered Land Certificate
    • Registration certificate of company/society/trust/foundation
    • Affidavit for Non-proprietary and non-commercial nature of school
    • Land Registration and /or lease document
    • Fire Safety Certificate
    • Health & Sanitation Certificate
    • Safe Drinking Water
    • Building Safety Certificate
    • Balance sheet/ Financial Status for the last three years
    • Salary paid through ECS/Cheque
    • Infrastructure details photographs (All labs, top view roof of a school including playground and four sides of boundary wall)
    • Staff EPF deduction certificate (Latest EPF Challan in the name of school)
    • Staff Salary Certificate
    • Reserve Fund (Jointly in the name of Secretary of IB & School Manager/ President/ Principal)

    How can NextSchool help in starting an international school?

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