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    Top 5+ Strategies to Increase Enrollment in School (2023)

    Increasing enrollment is the primary concern for all schools. It is, however, not an easy task, unless you have the right strategy at hand. We are here to give you just that. If you are someone who owns a school and wants to improve the number of admissions, here’s a solution. Follow these five strategies and you will see an increase in enrollment.

    Improve Digital Presence

    The average time spent on the Internet has been increasing ever since 2017. In 2020 it only makes sense to reach out to potential students through popular social media. To do so, make your school’s presence felt on various social media platforms where you think your audience might be. This is the best way to tell a lot of people at once about your school. Increasing your digital presence will help potential students notice your offers. Another, equally important method of making your school visible to potential students is to improve your SEO presence. The sooner you appear in the search the more popular you will be.

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    Also, ensure you improve your website experience for users. Have engaging content that is informative in various formats will increase the time users spend on your website. Find ways to keep them interested. It is said that being interactive and giving prompt responses to queries increases the chances of enrollment to a great extent.

    Speak About School Differently

    Having a social media presence does not only mean putting information out there. It is equally important to project your USP to your potential students. With so much competition around, people must know why they should choose your school over the others in town. Is it your highly qualified faculty, high-tech infrastructure or a unique pedagogy that parents and students should look forward to? Answer this question perfectly and be assured of an increased enrollment. Project the best thing about your school in a unique way.  Like they say, put your best foot forward.

    Organise inquiries in Excel/CRM

    With a lot of inquiries pouring in from different social media platforms, it is easy to miss out on some of them while switching tabs. Organizing inquiries is the only way to avoid confusion. Create a single email id to which all the inquiries are directed. A good educational customer relationship management will give you an alert for every email, call or message that comes to the school. Many schools even have call centers give out their details to students who are later directed to the school administration.

    Use storytelling to promotion creative

    Stories form an instant connection with people like no other form of engagement. Tell your potential students the story of the establishment and growth of your school. Tell them about the principles that are the foundation of the institution, the values it holds and the culture it imparts to its students. Having your alumni give a message in a video is a great idea. Visual content has a greater impact on the audience than other formats. You could take viewers on a video tour of your school too.

    Online Advertising (Facebook, Instagram and Google)

    While establishing your presence on social media, you can use the same platforms to advertise your school. You could use Google, Facebook and other social media to run ads. This way, you can meet students and parents in places where they can easily find your school. Covering a 10 km around your school to strategically run ads is a good idea when it comes to getting in touch with potential students and their parents. You can use newsletters as a cost-effective method to keep on a weekly or monthly basis to keep the existing students and parents informed about the developments in your school. Have a Facebook page where teachers, students and parents can interact with each other and explore your school.

    Simplify Admission Process

    No one likes complicated procedures to get things done. Simplicity is what people are looking for in every aspect of life. School admissions are no exceptions. The easiest way to keep students interested in your school to simplify the admission process as much as possible. With everything becoming virtual, it is not a difficult thing to do. Make a simple admission form along with all the information about your school available at a portal.  Notify students when the status of their application changes. This will not only keep them informed, but will have them look forward to the next step in the admission process.

    Did you see how simple it is to increase enrollment to your school? Use these methods to make students look forward to being part of your school. We, at Next Education, understand a school’s needs thoroughly. An outcome of this understanding is our product, NextERP. It is a single solution to every administrative need of a school from admission to TC. Our admission module ensures seamless and hassle free admission of students. Fee payment is also greatly simplified with NextERP. One could pay the fees anytime, anywhere through a secured payment gateway. NextERP also ensure proper and easy front office management. Click here to know more about NextERP.