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Best K12 School Franchise in India

NextSchool is an end-to-end academic and administrative partnership for new schools.

  • 1Technology-enabled learning curriculum
  • 2Infrastructure planning and construction
  • 3 Cloud-based school management platform
  • 4Educator empowerment workshops
  • 5AI-driven examination tools
  • 6Round-the-year school audit services

Benefits of K12 School franchise


Admission Mobilisation

We combine online marketing with offline door-to-door campaigns to help you achieve your admission goals for every academic year.

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Day-to-Day Operations

Empower your school with a SaaS-based school management platform that digitises your school's data and everyday operations. You can configure your school the way you like it without any knowledge of coding!

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Staffing and Recruitment

We help you hire the right teaching and non-teaching staff and help them upskill with regular training, exclusive workshops and classroom observation sessions with insightful feedback.

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Branding and Communication

Achieve your enrollment goals quickly with the help of our expert team of brand managers, content strategists, designers and digital marketing specialists. Enhance your school's visibility in your locality and all over India.

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Affiliation Guidance

We help you set up your K12 School according to the latest CBSE guidelines, and our team of ex-board inspection members make affiliation a seamless process.

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What is a K12 School Franchise?

A K12 School Franchise is a business whereby a school owner licences their operations to a franchisee along with their products, services, vendors, brand and key operating information in exchange for a fee.

Who can start a K12 School Franchise?

Any person/party who has adequate capital to buy land, construct a building, get required licensing fees, and incur the running cost can start a K12 School Franchise.

What are the document requirements for a K12 School Franchise?

  • Copy of Resolution passed by Trust/Society to start an Educational Institute
  • Copy of School Building Map, sanctioned by Competent Authority
  • Copy of Structural Stability Certificate, obtained from registered Structural Engineer
  • Copy of Affidavit along with self-declaration for not requesting granted status for the school in future
  • Copy of Resolution passed by Trust/ Body to appoint an authorised person for Correspondence with GS&HSEB
  • Copy of BU Permission/ Occupancy Certificate sanctioned by Competent Authority
  • Copy of Document of Ownership of Land
  • Copy of Documents of the Ownership of Land & Building
  • Copy of Document whatever you have available in place of Non-Agriculture Order for School Playground Land
  • Copy of 8-A Document for School Playground Land
  • Copy of 7-12 Document for School Playground Land
  • Copy of Non-Agriculture Order for School Playground Land
  • Copy of Document whatever you have available in place of Non-Agriculture Order for School Land
  • Copy of 8-A Document for School Land
  • Copy of 7-12 Document for School Land
  • Copy of Non-Agriculture Order for School Land
  • Copy of Constitution of Body
  • Latest Copy of Public Trust Register (PTR)
  • Copy of Trust Deed
  • Copy of Trust Registration Certificate registered in the Charity Commissioner Office
  • Copy of Secondary Registration Letter

What is the cost of a K12 School Franchise in India?

A K12 School Franchise costs around 5-10 crores depending on numerous factors.

Note: This is not the pricing of the NextSchool Academic Partnership Programme.

What are the benefits of a K12 School Franchise?

  • Turnkey business assistance in terms of trade knowledge, brand, equipment, supplies and marketing plan.
  • Instant brand recognition that saves time and money taken to build a brand from scratch and comes with a built-in customer base.
  • K12 School Franchises have a lesser failure rate than new schools.
  • Due to the size of a franchise, goods can be purchased at a discount and in bulk which lessens the overall operating costs of the franchise.
  • K12 School Franchises see more significant profits than independently funded private schools. Even franchises that require a substantial initial investment see a high return on investment.
  • Considerably lower risk when opening a K12 School Franchise than a standalone school. This makes it easier to get loans, including premium SBA loans.

What are the serviceable areas for the NextSchool K12 School Franchise?

The serviceable areas for a NextSchool K12 School Franchise include various Tier 1, Tier 2 and Tier 3 cities all over India like Hyderabad, Bangalore, Chennai, Kolkata, Delhi, Mumbai, Pune, Ahmedabad etc.

What is CBSE School Franchise?

CBSE School Franchise is a business model where an entrepreneur or an educational organization can open a new school under the affiliation of CBSE (Central Board of Secondary Education) in India. CBSE School Franchise model provides the franchisee with the right to use the CBSE curriculum and educational methodology, as well as access to the board's support system, training programs, and educational resources.