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    Why Teachers Should Opt For Different Teaching Styles

    Not every person is the same and hence, the way students understand things will also not be the same. Given this fact, teachers should follow different teaching styles to help every student understand what is being taught. A teacher should be aware of various teaching techniques so that all students can get the best of learning. Among various types of teaching methods, three types of methods are quite popular. These include visual, audio and kinesthetic.

    Visual teaching style

    It is believed that visual-based teaching style is more effective than the audio-based method in making students clearly understand any topic. Students learn better with what is being played in front of them and images get stored in their brains easily.  Outlines, maps, pictures, graphs, charts and diagrams are therefore a potent teaching tool.

    Auditory teaching style

    Verbal language undoubtedly is one of the most effective ways of teaching. This has been the prime form of teaching since ages. With the help of images and pictorials used while teaching, audio teaching style helps students grab more as they get completely involved in the class.

    The following points highlight how to develop an effective auditory teaching style:

    ·         Students can be asked to read aloud whether in the class or alone, following the text in front with a finger to keep a track.

    ·         Ask students to explain the concepts verbally.

    ·         Ask students to work in groups on a project.

    Kinesthetic teaching style

    According to this teaching style, teachers need to move around and hand over physical objects to students so that they can learn better. This way, students can explore themselves instead of being taught or given demonstrations. While following this teaching style, make sure that you are asking students to understand on their own before you give any instructions.

    Under this style, hands-on learning tools offer the best help like in science experiments, clay modeling and maps. Various educational concepts can be taught to students through games, projects and presentations.

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