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    The New Role of Educators as Facilitators

    the new role of educators as facilitators

    Teaching has been a long-lasting profession over the years with a segment of learning to learn by teachers and making the children take to themselves as knowledge forever. The segment of learning lies within the framework of the teachers exploring the very set knowledge base being imparted year after year with the very old textbooks of repute to them in totality.
    Alas, the framework of teaching has changed with the new age fragrance of motivation and lamination towards excellence within the framework of managing kids to promote activation and engagements within classrooms. To the surprise of many, the teachers, Educational aids have always been an integral element in any classroom and their usage has always been of great repute and importance in particular. At the same time, the fragrance towards learning has been attributed towards the conduct of manipulating learning strategies to the best of the acceptance of the students at large. As to per say, we strongly believe in the 21st-century school of thought that the CHILD is the curriculum in real and hence must be the very inertia towards the teaching-learning segmentation at implementation. The priority must be to ‘cure ignorance’, first time, every time.
    We very well, need to put the students, the very kids, at the centre of the learning and allow them to create the meaning from their experiences in particular. This encapsulates the prevailing lamination towards learning to learn from the side of the teachers to replicate the mode and mosses of learning as a spectrum towards excellence. As a matter of fact, It is absolutely necessary for the educators in this age of information technology to develop the thinking skills of the learners and further lead to empower them to find out and skim information on their own. This way the learners may even curate the knowledge they receive and can further analyze meaningful implementation.
    To this of age, we as Educators need to strive hard to realize the dream of providing every student a set of critical skills needed for success in the global market of today. The innovative ideas towards implementation must be to catch them young and innocent to believe with the conjunction of new assignments and initiatives. Of course, to the need and the pace of time, as a desire, a Teacher is expected to deliver the pace of learning and create a rapport, chat with the students using the languages they understand and also gives them the attention at the beginning of the class. He is also expected to encourage them in front of the whole class, noticing the good responses they exhibit and ask them simple questions about the work they are doing.
    The teachers need to continuously encourage and engage with the colleagues for ideas, with planning and introduction of new topic merging them with the previous learning during class hours. The novel taste of teaching must impart kids towards sharing the experiences towards what they want to do and what they did towards a better understanding of their subjects and how can help themselves towards contributing for better learning with Joy and Fun element integrated within classrooms.
    Let this element of fun and frolic be a common task towards everyday routine towards monitoring and framing the spectrum of learning in reality. Not the talk of the talk, but the work of the talk in particular towards excellence.
    Dr. Dheeraj Mehrotra
    Academic Evangelist & National Awardee
    Next Education India Pvt. Ltd. Hyderabad (INDIA)