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    Technology-enabled quality education is an absolute must

    Technology-enabled quality education is an absolute must

    According to the Dakar Framework for Action, which was adopted by the World Education Forum at Dakar in 2000, education—a fundamental human right—is essential not only for sustainable development but also for peace as well as stability within and between various nations.
    Quality and the adoption of technology are the primary objectives of “Education For All.” So far, India has made impressive strides in universalizing elementary education through the implementation of the ‘Sarva Shiksha Abhiyaan.’ Further, the implementation of the Right to Education Act has made it possible to change a human right into a fundamental right for all kids in the country.
    Notwithstanding significant improvements, learning outcomes of a large number of kids are still a matter of grave concern. To enhance the quality of education, focus should be shifted from input indicators, including teachers, academic staff, infrastructure, and other resources, to learning outcomes. Efforts should also be made to popularize modern technology-based teaching, including the adoption of digital technology, instead of  traditional methods of teaching.
    If the quality of education is deplorable, it will ultimately deprive citizens of their fundamental and human right and hold them back from realizing their full potential. We should also create various avenues to promote skill-based training and vocational education so that alternative employment and working opportunities are created for the young generation.
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