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    Teaching portfolio and its importance

    Teaching portfolio and its importance

    These days, the Indian education sector is gaining momentum on the back of a rising number of private institutions. The situation has unlocked enormous opportunities for teaching professionals. Although the demand for skilled teachers is on the rise, many experienced professionals are encountering difficulties in capitalizing on the demand. Under such circumstances, an effective teaching portfolio can help teachers make much headway in the education world.
    A teaching portfolio comprises detailed information on various practices followed by a teacher. These include lesson plans for different classes, a set of assignments, several written and video-based teaching instructions prepared by teachers, and so on.
    Importance of teaching portfolios
    Well-conceived teaching portfolios act as a catalyst for teachers’ professional development. Further, such portfolios bear testimony to exemplary teaching practices adopted by teachers, which ultimately help them gain recognition at the time of performance evaluation. Apart from demonstrating their teaching proficiency, teachers can make use of their portfolio while devising their personal growth plans.
    How to develop teaching portfolios
    A teacher can adopt various approaches while developing his/her portfolio. However, the following points should be kept in mind.

    • A teaching portfolio should mirror the teacher’s educational philosophy and teaching goals. Clearly mention the key principles of your teaching practice at the beginning. It will provide a professional dimension to your portfolio. In addition, do not forget to include your curriculum vitae and profile in the first part of your portfolio.
    • The second part of the portfolio should focus on various activities you have undertaken. The addition of different artifacts (for instance, samples of student assignments, unit plans, teaching videotapes, etc.) to the portfolio holds much significance. Do not forget to give proper explanations of each artifact.
    • The third part of the portfolio should be based on your professional accomplishments. In this section, you can attach a list of activities undertaken by you for the development of students/school. Further, you can give much weight to your portfolio by attaching all letters of appreciation that you received from your institution or other education bodies.

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