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    The Indian education sector is dynamic and evolving rapidly. Thanks to modern technologies, the traditional teaching method is fast losing ground to innovative and advanced teaching methodologies and tools. It is time for teachers to harness the benefits of these new-age educational technologies in order to promote holistic learning and ensure academic development of students. Given the situation, the importance of professional development programs designed for teachers is felt like never before. These days, several schools across the country are conducting teacher training workshops so that their teaching faculty can better prepare students for the advanced world and deal more appropriately with the students of the 21st century.
    Teacher professional development workshops are an effective platform to get more insights into new-age teaching practices, teaching methodologies and teaching tools. During such workshops, teachers not only get exposure to new teaching approaches but also get trained to implement these approaches in real life.
    Skill enhancement is another aspect of teacher training programs. Teaching is an art and it should thrive continuously on new skills and learning. Teacher training programs and workshops help teachers in learning as well as enhancing their skill sets.
    Teachers can also evaluate as well as moderate their teaching styles by attending various training programs and workshops. Such workshops and training programs provide more exposure to appropriate teaching styles, dos and don’ts of teaching and pros and cons of various mostly-followed teaching practices, and so on. It ultimately enables teachers to self-evaluate their teaching styles and do necessary modifications in it if required.
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