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    How to promote emotional intelligence in teachers

    How to promote emotional intelligence in teachers

    Emotional intelligence (EI) is one of the common traits that defines successful teachers. EI denotes a person’s ability to understand his/her feelings and emotions as well as those of the people around him/her. The classroom is a place where various emotions are palpable. Therefore, a teacher should have strong emotional intelligence so that he/she can understand and regulate self emotions as well as those of his/her students.
    Now the question is how a teacher can develop his/her emotional intelligence? The following tips will show the way.

    • Know yourself better; it will enable you to understand your own strengths and weaknesses better. This understanding will help in developing your EI.
    • You should also find out the reasons behind your feelings. What makes you angry or sad? What is the most comfortable way for you to teach? Once you can manage your feelings, you will be better equipped to manage your students’ feelings and emotions.
    • Master the art of separating your emotion from the need to take action. More clearly, the need to take action responding to withdrawal, sadness and avoidance, as well as the need to take action to handle anger and hostility.
    • Improve your listening skills and the skill of asking open-ended questions. It will enable you to regulate your students’ emotions in a better way.
    • Develop learned optimism skills. Be optimistic and stay positive while dealing with your students. Things will be easier for you to handle in the classroom.

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