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    How to develop your teaching style

    How to develop your teaching style

    It is important for a new teacher to develop his/her own teaching style. Although there may not be any difference in the basic teaching methodology, teaching styles should be unique and vary from one teacher to another. Especially when it comes to managing pupils, a teacher needs to follow his/her individual style.
    If you are a new teacher, the following suggestions will help you develop your teaching style.
    Review Yourself: Your first step should be to review your personality. Keep a check on your way of talking and teaching (whether it is communicative or authoritative). You should also examine the method you follow while teaching. It can be modern, traditional, theoretical or activity-based. Make an honest opinion. Find out your shortcomings and try to rectify them.
    Your Appearance: Since you are a teacher, your personal appearance has an impact on your pupils. Remember you are the one whom they idolize. So, try to be neat, clean, and graceful so that you can make a positive impression on your students.
    Check Your Behaviour: Good behaviour is an important part of your teaching methodology. So, be kind, loving, caring and soft. Avoid being rough and using harsh words; it may hurt your students’ feeling. At times, you may need to answer the same questions again and again. Have patience and do not show your annoyance.
    Stay Updated: Being a teacher, you should keep abreast of day-to-day affairs. Not only your subject matter knowledge, but also your knowledge of current affairs should be updated. Do remember that you cannot stop your students from asking questions; be it subject specific or not.
    Attention-grabbing Methods: It is better to follow various attention-grabbing teaching methods. You can change your classroom’s environment, thereby increasing your students’ interest in study. You can use various audio/visual teaching aids, educational activities, games and other interesting methods while imparting knowledge.
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