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    Do you want to become a successful principal? Read on.

    Do you want to become a successful principal Read on.

    The job of a school principal is challenging as well as rewarding. Being at the helm of an academic institution, a principal plays a significant role in creating an effective educational environment. Given the immense responsibility associated with the role, a principal should possess some extraordinary qualities and traits in order to perform his/her job successfully. Each of these qualities as well as traits manifests itself in day-to-day activities of a principal. Some of these qualities and traits are as follows:

    • A principal should possess strong leadership skills. Since he/she is responsible for leading the institution, his/her leadership quality holds immense importance. Leadership skills enable a principal to improve the standard of the institution, drive value to the teaching-learning process, enhance the quality of the institution’s faculty as well as students, and most importantly, drive the institution to the path of success through meaningful decisions and effective actions. Further, leadership skills help principals become a confident communicator and a successful persuader.
    • Like leaders in other industries, school leaders should possess great vision based on which, they should shape the future of their institutions. The term ‘visionary leadership’ is quite appropriate to define the attributes of a school principal.
    • Courage, determination, willpower and patience are some psychological attributes of a successful school principal. These attributes help school leaders take risks, adopt and adapt to changing environments, challenge and rectify poor behaviour and under performance, and set a new benchmark of excellence.
    • An abiding passion for teaching and learning is another attribute that defines a successful school leader. A passionate principal shows unwavering commitment to students, teaching faculty, curriculum development and the overall standard of the institution.
    • Successful school principals possess great emotional intelligence. This trait enables them to become a good team builder, value relationships, and empower teaching faculty and school staff. Besides, a motivated school leader can not only inspire other members but also set an example for them to follow.
    • Good school leaders show sound judgment, take the right calls and make wise decisions. However, they never follow the path of acting alone. Instead, they believe in working along with the entire school community and moving forward together.

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